Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get over Stimulants Addictions

This is going to anybody that may have issues with alcohol or caffiene addictions or other stimulant issues even your sugar/caffiene rich energy drinks.  Once you make the wise decision to change your lifestyle to a raw foods one then you must also get rid of alot of liquids as well as foods.  POP, ALCOHOL, COFFEE, REG.TEA herbals teas are fine and are quite medicinal, and refined sugar products or JUNK food, PROCESSED/PASTEURIZED FRUIT JUICES ARE NOT RECOMMENDED, NO canned goods or bottled unless they say RAW and unpasteurized, ALL ANIMAL PRODUCTS SO THAT ALSO MEANS NO ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS EITHER UNLESS THEY ARE RAW but even that is not truly raw/  this lifestyle is basically VEGAN but to the extreme RAW VEGAN.  Living like this stimulants or anything that is damaging to the body is frowned upon therefore needs to go so you can also add SMOKING TO THIS!.  Living like this helps to recharge your body/detox/cleanse and therefore help to remove and possibly heal tissues that you may have damaged living a AN AVERAGE COOKED FOOD LIFESTYLE.
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