Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dwarf Hamsters Small and Easy to Lose.

Well as many of my followers know my wife I purchased a dwarf Hamster awhile back.  Well one time putting him in his roll around hamster ball while we changed his cage materials became a very new experience for the both of us.  Well we hadn't heard the little rascal rolling around for a little while so my wife went looking thankfully are place is not huge.  She found the ball but no Chico thats his name.  She noticed him though he was sitting in the corner,  well of course she called me to where she was standing and let me know what was going on.  Then the fun started these hamsters are not your average chubby & large teddy bear hamsters they are very small and are like furry rockets and generally do not like to be handled.  Man we thought a few times we were going to lose him.  The big pain in the butt was he ran under our sauna luckily it is portable to some degree and I had a broom handle near by after what seemed a lifetime coaxing him out from under the sauna he ran under a roll of carpet mat that had moved and I was able to box him in and catch him.  The loose hamster ordeal was over, and I taped the ball around the middle so it could not break open next time.  All I can say is if you have one of these and you have a hamster ball consider taping the ball in the middle connection point because they do break open even falling down a small step and trust me you do not want to try and catch one of these hamsters these little suckers are like rodent Carl Lewis's on steroids serious fast.

Hope this made you laugh I know after we caught the little guy we had a good laugh.

God Bless and Happy Easter.
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