Saturday, September 3, 2011

DTM "The Life Regenerator" Completes Cross Country Cycling Trek LA to NY

Well some of you may know this already if you follow the liferegenerator Dan McDonald.  At the start of the summer Dan made a choice to show everyone that even the most daunting tasks can be done on fruits and veggies.  Like cycling up to 150miles in one day, or simply getting up at early hours to beat the day's heat seriously most of us would not even fathom cycling for 10-20miles let alone over a hundred.  Now Dan has truly shown many of his followers and others who he inspires that living raw doesn't have to be an issue to overcome any challenge that you face in your life.  Only placing yourself in a mind set to do what you want in life will eventually make the changes that your striving towards.  Dan The Man-The Liferegenerator as he is known on Youtube inspires thousands of people throughout the world with his antics on screen and his wisdom of living raw for over a decade and also bringing so many raw foodist's and very wise people to the viewing public space of Youtube.  I can only say that I'm grateful to Youtube and Dan for the inspiration he brings to us all and all the other raw foodists that he has introduced us too over the years.  I wish him well in his life and that he continues to bring his words of wisdom and of course all his awesome recipes and his great friends over the Youtube waves.  Truly his journey that started in Los Angeles and ended in New York is a success worthy of some acknowledgement.  I only wished he would have done this for some type of charity if only to help find a cure for something.  In general though spreading the word of living raw is a huge hand-out to healing and curing illnesses the world over.  I hope others will take the knowledge that Dan McDonald has given us and the other raw foodists of the world and let everyone know that truly this is the best way to reduce weight, become healthy and fit, and of course remove the chances of cancer and other weight and health related illnesses.

Dan spreads the word of living raw and love these are two of the greatest aspects we can all teach other in this world.  If we all started to love one another more and also started to clean out the toxins and filth that is killing ourselves then we will all start to feel better, look better, and even add some more years on too our lives and yes possibly cure some illness you may already have.

I'm not a Dr. or any medical professional I speak these words only because I have personally seen in myself greater health, more energy, better skin, and overall joy and an abundance of love for everyone and everything around me.  I truly feel that when living a mainly raw food lifestyle you become more grounded possibly because of all the living foods.  I'm not exactly sure why but if eating raw foods makes you feel great there must be something about it that are body needs so why not nourish your body.

I guess if you look at all the natural enzymes and properties that are destroyed during the cooking process when you start incorporating the raw foods you get to enjoy all the nutrients your body has been needing so maybe your body make's you feel joy and happiness because you are giving it what it wants just my opinion makes you think doesn't it?.  I hope you all find Dan The Man on YouTube and hear his story as well as those he has touched with his antics and his travels.  He is truly a grounded and positive soul who reaches out to help others and doesn't hold back his years of wisdom and insight truly a very wise raw foodie.

God Bless and Peace.
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