Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend: Spend it with the ones you Love.

So many new followers of the raw food lifestyle will be put to the test this holiday weekend.  What I mean by this is most of us get together with other family members and of course you have some kind of roast beast be it Ham, Turkey, Beef, Chicken, or something fancy like goose or duck.  Well one thing I could suggest is if your going over to a families home for dinner do not go hungry grunge on some fruits and veggies prior to the family gathering therefore reducing the temptation to stray to the cooked foods.  
Another option of course is too bring some uncooked raw items too the dinner so you have something you know you can eat,  as well you can have family members try some of the delicious foods you can have RAW. 

Family gatherings do not have to be rough or difficult if you prepare yourself.  If your family knows that you are living this way now they will understand when you do not partake in the food that is being offered.  Just do not be all judgemental or a jerk and ruin the holiday feast for the rest of your family they have the choice to eat whatever they want.  Just because you may be living raw now or have taken animal products and most processed crap out of your life doesn't mean you have to turn into an idiot.  Enjoy your family for who they are not what they consume spread the love this weekend while spending time with your family and friends.

God Bless and Peace Be with You. 

P.S. I would also suggest maybe making some of your favorite tea in a thermos, or maybe make a couple of tea bags ahead if you buy loose tea,  or simply just bring a couple bags of your favorite stuff to the gathering.  We all know most families also consume alcohol at social gatherings or just in general which is not a part of this lifestyle.  This will give you something to sip on and also satisfy your tastebuds maybe something herbal and fruity, or a good green tea.

You could also bring a green smoothie to the event for your meal quick easy simple.

So too all you newbies and trust me I'm in that boat myself have yourself an awesome long weekend and try to stay on the Raw Wagon.
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