Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coconut Water MMMM!

 If you cannot get the fresh stuff this is the next best thing.  Yes it is pasteurized really no way around that but still has the properties of coconut water that makes it so beneficial.  Coconut water is really a miracle beverage it is a a great detoxifier, helps to cleanse the intestinal tract and aid in digestion, and it helps to fight viruses and infection. Coconut water also has been known to increase metabolism which in turn helps with weight loss,  awesome at replenishing lost fluids after workouts or just some hard labor, low in carbs, naturally low in fat, and in sugars.  It has also been know  to help with kidney stones, reduce your rick of cancer by balancing your Ph levels, and also helps with boosting your immune system. 
Really I could go on and on about this awesome elixir.  If you really want a double whammy combine coconut water with wheatgrass juice.  This has got to be one of the most powerful combination of healing and regenerative concoctions I can think of. 
Of course this is not the only packaged coconut water supplier but one of the only ones I can think of that says 100% pure coconut water. 

Buy all means buying the fresh coconuts is always the preferred way but if you live in a remote area and are unable to buy them having a case of this stuff in your pantry is just fine better drinking this then not having coconut water at all especially with all of its beneficial properties. 

God Bless and if you haven't yet go get some coconut water  MMMMM!!!
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