Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fears of Being Vegan- My little insights as well of this lifestyle

I found this on YouTube and thought some of my followers may like to watch it.  It gives some very good insight into life and what changes may occur for you in the realm of Veganism.  Though changes can be hard for everyone sometimes making changes for yourself to make you better;  who really cares what others think about it.  Many people living in the vegan realm are looked at strangely and are criticized even by family members for not consuming animal meats and bi-products.  Just like some people look at folks going gluten free like they are from a different planet.  Really sometimes making a huge lifestyle change and commitment to it not only makes you healthier but makes others think which is a good thing.  For instance so much food can be grown on the same amount of land used for livestock.  Growing food not only helps the planet with oxygen but it heals the planet as well.  Raising livestock is destroying the planet hormones, genetically modified additives you name it they are injecting animals all over the planet with this stuff.  Really we are all ready in a global food crisis and these companies still would rather grow corn, wheat or some other useless commodity than real organic produce to sell to the masses.  Lets look at the global problem what's more important eating meat and destroying our environment;  or turning over a new leaf to eating fruits and veggies and saving the planet and the air we breath.   Many of us our responsible adults who should be on the forefront on helping save the planet for all the children of today and into there future but are we doing this no.   We sit ideally by while big corporations destroy the agricultural industry and traditional farming practices and have markets selling GMO foods that are not even labelled saying they are.   Really you tell most people you are vegan or changing your lifestyle to be one and their jaw hits the floor than they say something like what you crazy or something meat not good enough for you,  so you jumped on the hippie train or some crap. Seriously if making yourself healthy detoxing your body from years of food abuse and de-clogging your arteries and intestines before you have a heart attack or develop colon cancer than they should be like good for you that should be something I should try.  Do you hear that no they are like no way I could ever do that I like my meat to much or my cheese to much or ice cream, etc. etc. 

Back in the day meat was a special treat that when your parents could afford to get something or maybe out on the farm the cow was getting old you had some meat.  These days meat is highly processed garbage, that is caulked full of chemicals and only god and these corporate giants know what's what  that is being put into our food and even grocery stores not having to mark meat and produce saying if it is GMO or not that is ridiculous.  Should we not know if something has been genetically modified is that not a right to know what we are eating?.

Truly big corps have the last laugh they get to produce meat faster for the masses while the animals suffer from growing to fast have deformities and really the end result we get food that is genetically altered and tastes strange.  All the while these corporates giants and one percenters are probably eating organic free range beef, organic produce;  and everything else they would not touch with a 10 foot pole is sold to us poor citizens.

If going vegan can save a few thousand animals from slaughter and you could lose say 50lbs or more cleaning up your life and reducing yourself from serious health problems by being obese would that not be worth it think it over.  I bet you would probably say yes and than you would probably be but I like my meat and dairy lifestyle change is hard and I do not have the willpower.  Those points will ring true for most people living the standard North American food plan.  However something else you should think about lifestyle changes can be tough and may backfire or be a somewhat uphill struggle,  but so is having a heart attack I imagine and if your lucky enough to survive the Dr. will have you making serious diet restrictions so why not change things now before something serious does occur.   People around the planet are saying goodbye to obesity by going raw vegan maybe it is your turn,  I'm getting back in the groove and making another running go of it join me.

Making a lifestyle change may not only save your life but quite possibly save the planet for your kids, grand kids, great kids and so on.

God Bless
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