Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Back in the Swing of Things

Well hello folks I'm back in the swing of things as much as I possibly can be;  the last while you have seen some of the transition vlogs from YouTube and than also others I have found over the years and thought you would enjoy them.  All I can say living this way to start with can be tough getting over your food cravings and temptations that surround us when we get groceries.  The reality is any changes we make in life are going to be tough but if done right overtime the changes we make will attribute to better health, loss of weight and many times I will tell you better mood and sleep.  Changes to the way we live can be hard but so is hitting the gym for your next workout or going to a new Dr. for the first time.  The temptations can linger for quite sometime so be aware of this the best thing is to not have those little triggers lying around which can be tough if your spouse or family is not changing their lifestyles with you.  The reality is however the more you embrace the raw food lifestyle your significant other and family will see positive changes ask you what is happening or what your doing and could entice them to go for it themselves.  I hope if your battling weight or even some kind of illness give this a shot the only issue that could arise is overall better health.

God Bless.
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