Friday, February 18, 2011

Starting my New Way of Living

February 18th, 2011

It has been roughly 2 weeks since I started the raw food lifestyle I was contemplating for many months.  I mainly did this to get weight issues under control and to really detox my body after the last 30+yrs of destroying it with all the processed foods, meats, dairy products, pop, sugary energy drinks, juices, and junk foods I have consumed.

I have to recognize to some of the people who have inspired me to transform myself into living this way.  First off Dan McDonald also known as the Life Regenerator on YouTube, and the many others he had introduced us too and whom have become Youtube celebrities on there own Dave the Raw Food Trucker for sure his story and transformation is quite astonishing. 

Plus some other YouTubers and Raw Foodists like David Wolfe, Matt Monarch and his wife and Ani Phyo and her numerous great sounding recipes I can't wait to tryout.

I did not even know about this lifestyle or as some say the Raw Food Diet until just a year ago.  When I started searching on the net for a natural way to lose some weight.  Then bang this came up everywhere and well after months of research and doing a 1 week juice feast to start with,  I realized that if I was going to do this I had to do it for myself that nobody but myself could make a massive change like this. 

So thats what I did starting  on February 4th of this year I said enough is enough I want this transformation so many other people are receiving and I'm not waiting any longer. 

I said goodbye to cooked food!. 

I thought it was going to be rough but after a few days smelling cooked food that my wife is still preparing smelled disgusting and just lacked the look of tasty living uncooked foods have.
Remembering in Chef's training that we all eat with our eyes first, then smell, then taste.

So if something is colorful and looks appealing to us then generally we are more accustomed to eating it. 

The great fruits and veggies on this planet we have to choose from let alone all of the nuts, seeds, and other superfoods.  It's an endless choice of what your going to try next.  With Youtube and all of these great raw chefs/ and aspiring cooks we now have a stockpile of recipes that are amazing even the simple ideas are delicious thanks for alot of those LifeRegenerator and Ani Phyo.

I also have to recognize and speak about one of the biggest Raw Food Gurus out there Lou Corona when I first saw this great man on a LifeRegenerator video clip I was shocked to find out that he was 58yrs old,  man the guy looks like he may be in his late thirties or early forties.  Seeing that and the other video's that Markus RothKranz had put together on the tremendous healings and life altering transformations he had made, plus when a 45 yr old looks better then some guys in there 20's was really making me look into this lifestyle more and more.

I have already noticed that my body is more flexible, I feel less stiff, I have way more energy and
I cannot believe how great I sleep now, and my overall moods have changed I'm happier and less stressed and just more content in life.  I was like this can't just be a coincidence that changing my eating habits and what I was consuming could make such an impact I WAS WRONG!.    Like I said I was going to do this for weight loss though having all of these positive aspects occuring who am I to complain this rocks.  It also shows me why so many people around the world have been living this way for many years and are some of the healthiest and fittest people out there.
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