Saturday, February 19, 2011

If You Have Skin Problems and Weight Issues.

I have dealt with weight issues in my life since I was a teenager being teased about my size like alot of us this has happened some people are cruel.  I had always enjoyed food probably more then most of my family there wasn't much I tried that I did not like except turnips but now I like them raw.  So when my weight started to climb and climb and then in late 2009 I was weighing in  at almost 300lbs I knew I had to do something.  My wife was my support and well you could say my motivation as well I want to grow old with her.  I joined the gym the weight was coming off but very slowly. 

Most likely because I was still overeating and indulging in fatty deep fried foods, sweets, junk food, and processed foods, as well drinking pop like it was water.  Not to say I did not eat fruits and veggies just not as much back then as I do now.

I had also been to my Dr. and he was explaining to me that I had shown fatty liver deposits in my tests, my cholestoral was a little high and I was pre hypertensive and at that time was reading 140/90's for my blood pressure.  This was an eye opener as well for me.   I should also mention I was diagnosed with a very rare skin disease called Darier's and was placed on this extremely dangerous drug called Accutane/Acitretin which many have most likely heard has law suits all over the states at this moment.  After noticing I was having blurry vision and most likely the cause of my hypertension and possible high blood pressure I knew I had to stop taking this medication.   I asked a pharmacist if there was something I could change in  my eating habits instead of taking this medication?.  Can anyone guess what he told me other raw foodist's may already know well he told me EAT MORE DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES.  Too my surprise and delight he was right I have not had a serious outbreaks for over 2yrs now and no more medications.   Outbreaks you ask why?  well Darier's is a severe form of psoriasis.  I

I think I knew that this lifestyle was going to work when I did my first green juice fast and lost like 12lbs in a week.  But of course many of us that have tried this have done some backsliding into the cooked foods again, this happened with myself and it took me another few months to even consider trying again.  Family get togethers and the temptations to eat the cooked food all around was really hard I knew if I was going to do this it would have to be after holiday season of 2010.

I know now that I wish I would have heard about this many years ago though when you love meat and all the processed junk like I did,  being a vegan or to the extreme a raw vegan is not something you consider seriously.

I love this now I have had so many positive changes in my life since I started this again and went to raw food.  I NO longer have the cravings for cooked foods, my skin has got a natural glow and smoothness to it now and my moods have changed in a big way happier, less stressed and just have a more positive and content way of looking at life. 

I hope this helps some people that are suffering from skin problems and general health and weight issues like myself.  Changing your living to a Raw Food Lifestyle will be the most dramatic though the most important and transforming decision you can make.  Do not concern yourself with what others may think because trust me most people will think you have gone cuckoo. 

Remember  one thing your doing this for you not for anyone else,  that only you can make the choices that will impact your life.  If your ready to change your life and make yourself a healthier thinner you.  Do you want to lose a ton of weight and shock your family members this lifestyle can make it happen research and then read some books watch some Youtube videos on the arw food lifestyle and then commit yourself to a complete none surgical transformation.


God Bless and Best Wishes. 
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