Friday, March 4, 2011


Now everyone knows that eating your fruits and veggies is important we have had parents professionals and guardians tell us throughout our lives to eat our veggies they will make us strong and healthy. 

However it's true too some degree they were right but in many ways most of the time we always have eaten our veggies or even fruits cooked be it fried, boiled, steamed, poached, microwaved"nuked", or some other way.  Never the less they are cooked.  Being when we were young and all we had no idea that all of the good vitamins, beneficial nutrients and other healthy properties were basically being destroyed most likely alot of adults are unaware of this. 

So now that we are older and wiser why are we still destroying the fruits and veggies we consume on a daily basis or place foods in our bodies that have shown only to increase the risk of serious illness over time ie: FAST FOOD. 

Consider this if you look at the average patrons of fast food restaurants and consumers of processed junkfoods what picture comes to mind, obese, unhealthy, sick, zit covered faces of teenagers, and the list can go on and on. 

So tell me why then are so many parents that are heavy set and unhealthy basically placing their childrens life on the line and putting them through the same ridicule of being fat later in life when they most likely have gone through a life of that crap already themselves. 

The whole convience aspect is a farce really living raw makes life even easier how hard is it to make a fruit salad for your kid or yourself hand them an orange/apple or grab some veggies rather then a chocolate bar or some other processed junk food packed with artificial crap.  Seriously everyone if you place a bowl of salad on the table or some gourmet raw food item and your eating it as well then most likely with no other option your kids/or spouse will dive in.

The only way we as parents can stop the vicious cycle of obesity in the young people today the people who are going to run this planet one day is to cut the junk from there life and increase physical activity and the amount of tv time and videogame play.  It is recommended that every child get atleast 60 minutes of physical activity everyday and for Adults 5-6 days out of the week the same amount of time if not more.  So if your a parent and your kids need this and so do you why not do it together?. 

So if you are overweight and your child is overweight who is responsible for this?.

Yes parents you are remember your a role model for your children if you lay around and munch on the junk and feed them the same junk and hit your local fast food chains on the way home because it is easier then making a wholesome meal that requires a short amount of prep time is a cop out. 

Then on average you go sit on your butt watching sports or some soap opera on tv rather then getting off your butt and doing some activity with your children or for yourself.   Your teaching them to be lazy couch potatoes and that they can eat anything they want and that it is okay to be 50-100-150+ pounds over weight and on the verge of a heart attack, diabetes, or possibly something even more serious LIKE DEATH and if you do not have kids then your just taking years of your life.   

That to be looked at by the general public in disgust or bewilderment they need to live with that, discriminated against for their size, called names, and can't play any sports without getting winded.

Do not get me wrong I lived many years of my life eating anything I wanted I was a bigger person since I was like 10yrs old and was called names and ridiculed and looked at by others as though I was not human.  I do not blame my parents I blame myself for not being more active when I was younger not watching how much I ate and yes I did frequent the fast food chains.  In the last year or so I have seen how bad everything I was consuming was for me and that eating this junk was only taking years off my life.  I realized this when I saw a new beginning for myself while researching alternative weight loss ideas on the internet other then surgery and low and behold the RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE jumped out at me.  Here was a way of life were I could eat lots if I wanted too and could still lose weight and gain some awesome health benefits along the way as well have more energy then I could ever imagine, reduce signs of aging, cleanse and detox my whole body, reduce the chance of serious illness, heal myself from skin conditions and other health problems I may been dealing with unknown to me, and also reducing chance of cancer and diabetes.  Since if were to read my other stories hear and watch videos on Youtube people have been cured from serious illness on this lifestyle choice.   I'm jogging on a treadmill at 9-10 for almost 30 minutes which 5-10minutes used to be a challenge at 7.0,   I still weigh 237lbs but a month ago prior to me becoming a 90% raw vegan I was 266lbs and miserable now I'm happier and so positive and energetic.  So in a month almost 30lbs and I have gotten a happier and better outlook on life I got absolutely no reason to complain.  

I STRONGLY ADVISE TO YOU IF YOUR HAVING WEIGHT ISSUES, TIRED OF BEING TIRED AND SAD IN YOUR LIFE AND REALLY WANT TO TRANSFORM THE PERSON YOU ARE NOW INTO A FIT AND HEALTHY MORE VIBRANT YOU RESEARCH THIS FOR YOURSELF!!!.  LIVE LONGER HAPPIER AND THINNER DOESN'T THAT SOUND GOOD TO YOU?.  You may find the conversion hard,  take your time in the transition but I recommend the first thing you do is get rid of all MEAT, FISH, DAIRY PRODUCTS, AND PROCESSED CRAP.  GO TO STORE STAY AWAY FROM MIDDLE OF MOST STORES AND GET YOURSELF SOME FRUITS AND VEGGIES ORGANIC IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT AND FIND IT.  Remember frozen fruit is fine but frozen veggies are usually blanched prior to packaging so stay away.  Also by removing the temptations you remove the options and the cravings.

Remember the old saying In Life there are Compromises. Isn't your life and well being and even the well being of your children worth some compromises and maybe a few sacrifices.  If you are too big to run around with your kids atleast go for a walk or hike with them exercise together build a stronger family unit.

   If you have a young child and you have been overweight most of your life and see that your child may be heading in the same direction.   If you had the ability and the knowledge to keep your child from receiving the ridicule and disrespect that you may have gone through as a child/teenager/ and even as an adult would you not want that for them?.  This also goes out to the skinny parents with a big kid HELP THEM!! BEFORE IT BECOMES TO LATE REMEMBER MAKE AN EXAMPLE FOR YOUR CHILDREN TO FOLLOW IF YOUR ACTIVE THEY WILL BECOME MORE ACTIVE.

THIS CAN BE DONE THERE ARE SOME RAW FOOD GURUS THAT HAVE BEEN LIVING THIS WAY ALMOST 40YRS and are some of the strongest healthiest people on earth don't believe me CHECK OUT Lou Corona on YouTube.

God Bless.  Remember only you can make the changes in your life to make it better!.  SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR NOBODY IS GOING TO ZAP THAT FAT AWAY WITHOUT SOME KIND OF SURGERY.  WITH THIS YOU GOT NO SURGERY!!!
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