Friday, March 4, 2011

The Importance of Exercise/JOIN ME IN your own RAW FOOD TRANSFORMATION

We all tend to run away from the word exercise.  If only most of society would run towards it instead we wouldn't have a problem with obesity  in a constant rise around the world and diabetes and other weight related ailments as well or even muscle and joint related illnesses like osteoporosis.

As we age we all know every move we make can become harder and harder and some tend not to do anything about it because they are to lazy or have procrastinated for so long that their bodies are to stiff to move regularly.  So instead they give up figure they will live the rest of their days in pain and suffering.

Now if you consider some of the older raw foodies on this fine planet you will see people that have literally stopped aging in it's tracks, are stronger then some people half there age and are mentally stronger and more spiritually aware then most, who are fit and thin, have actually caused hair to grow back and to actually get there hair color to return.  Some guys and gals living this way look 20yrs younger then they actually are and there bodies match that age.  Also the removal of pain associated with inflammation and other health issues has been attributed to the Raw Food Lifestyle.

Wouldn't you like a bit of the fountain of youth.  There is an easy way to become more youthful, happier in life, more driven, better in your relationship/marriage, full of love and understanding, and more guided along your life's plan.  Plus makes you more centered and spiritually connected if that is something you wold also like.

Do you not think detoxing your body and getting cleansed is important if you do not?.  Well many people including myself would beg to disagree with you look at the air we breath day in and day out, now look at the processed salt and sugar laden junk you have been putting in your body for the last few decades.  Now just imagine you have some of that sticking to your intestines and such.  You ask so well for one it could become cancerous, 2nd it could eat away at the wall of your intestines and then you would have to go under the knife and have some removal of your intestines.

Now just imagine if you were to get all of the junk out of your daily eating habits and into the gym or getting into a walking or hiking routine could help get all of your health back.  You ask how well it has been proven that jogging, walking, interval training, yoga, and weight training.  This  helps to move food through your bowels and such so by doing some exercise, eating right, and considering a colonic or enema  you decrease the chance of this crap staying in your body and decreasing your life expectancy.

SO TO ALL OF YOU WEIGHT CHALLENGED PEOPLE OR PEOPLE THAT WANT TO HEAL AND HELP THEMSELVES.   JOIN ME IN THIS JOURNEY ON A RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE ESPECIALLY YOU YOUNG PARENTS WHO ARE A BIT TO ROUND FOR YOUR OWN GOOD YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  Do it for your kids show them that living like a fat slob is not a real life that taking care of yourself and staying healthy and fit is important don't you want to be around for your grand kids?.  Ever notice the people who have a lot of friends are thin and fit and are just more driven,  where us fat ones tend to be loners and procrastinators.  I started this journey fat and somewhat depressed as you may have noticed I'm way more driven and have lossed a good amount of weight for a month as you read my posts.

I hope you read through my posts take something to heart and renew your life and start to transform your body TODAY!

God Bless.
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