Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleep Problems: Live Raw Sleep Like a Baby..

So for the last while I have been living mainly raw.  Yes I have experimented with some meat products and even some processed stuff.  Mainly though just raw fruits and veggies and some dried fruit, nuts and super foods like chia seeds for instance.  Okay lets get to the title of the blog I have never slept this good well except for maybe when I was a teenager, it is kind of strange I know this lifestyle is able to reverse the aging process to some degree though truly I feel like I'm getting younger as each day goes by. Not only do I sleep better I find I'm getting smarter or maybe my brain isn't weighed down with toxins as much as before I started this Raw Food lifestyle conversion.   Really whatever the reason I'm not complaining this is awesome like I have said in the past it amazes me that just changing the way you eat and what you eat that it can have such a huge impact on your life.   So I would have to say too all the people living with insomnia or restlessness consider this lifestyle for yourself, you may also enjoy the best sleep you have had in years.  Remember it is a known fact that green smoothies/Raw Foods can help with anxiety and depression which have been commonly associated with insomnia and restlessness.  So really with all of the health benefits living this way has to offer why wait another minute try this for yourself.

God Bless and Best Wishes.
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