Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bananas & Dates: Two Staple Foods for a Thriving Raw Food Lifestyle

DATES/BANANAS.  These two items are crucial to living a thriving raw food lifestyle.  What I mean by thriving is that if you want to live raw and be all simple and lazy and such that is fine and all.  But if you live like so many of us that have a hard job, enjoy being outdoors, jogging,  and other sports and in general trying to stay healthy and fit then you need to consume these two items and in vast quantities to truly excel in you life.  For instance I had an awesome green smoothie for breakfast with four bananas, 1cup blueberries, 2cups water and a good handful of spinach  MMMM.  Now I recommend bananas and dates simply because they are foods that you can get reasonably cheap all year round.  When you consider your other high fructose fruits like Mangos for instance they are quite expensive out of season.  So if your living this way and you have a thriving lifestyle and you find yourself running out of energy grab some bananas and munch on a few dates and your good to go and they are both so portable.  Just my opinion eat what you wish though most longterm raw foodist would agree with me.  I have enclosed a link to Raw Food Vegan Athlete Harley Johnson also known as Durianriders video on the importance of Bananas and Dates and a Thriving Raw Foodists Lifestyle.  Check it out have a laugh and also learn some stuff you may not know he has been 100% Raw for many years and is also an extreme athlete "Caution He Swears Some".

Peace and God Bless.

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