Thursday, April 14, 2011

Liferegenerator, Matt Monarch, Ani Phyo Just some of the Raw Foodies I follow.

I have been living mainly raw for the last couple of months now and I feel great.  I would have to say this is totally something anyone can do and I would also highly recommend it too anyone.  I also would say find yourself some inspiration for the transformation to a raw food lifestyle this will totally help you in the long run and also give you some great tips and ideas how to stay raw.  Plus if you love YouTube like I do you will find many people living this way and many more researching and making the change for themselves  like myself for instance.

 I know I have listed many people I choose to follow here on my blog page in video and YouTube/other web links and those who also have given me some great raw recipe ideas and healthy hints.  I shall name a few just to show you who I find is putting out some of the best information on living this way how fit you can be and how much and what you should consume to stay strong and also to cleanse and detox your body.  First off Dan McDonald The LifeRegenerator without a lot of this guys guidance and wisdom I do not think I would have come as far as I have in this short amount of time he has helped me realize my potential that being fat and lazy is not place I need to live in anymore that finally something I have known all my life will basically start to give my life back and probably save me from a life of illness and suffering BY JUST CONSUMING PRIMARILY raw fruits and veggies baby "CAN YOU DIG IT".  Many people also choose to follow this power couple in the Raw Realm known as Matt Monarch and his wife Angela Stokes-Monarch this couple is full of inspiring words and quick witted remarks and also tons of laughs. 

One of the most controversial Youtubers on Raw has got to be Harley Johnson or Durianriders he gets alot of flack but he tells it the way it is and I believe that is why he does get all this flack.  I for one say keep it up Harley show all of these people that you can live raw and compete in any sport even at the elite professional level like yourself.

Now come the newbies I just heard about and have started watching their YouTube flicks they call themselves RawBrahs and they are a couple or three at times young guys living raw and doing it right.  They are very positive and clearly living the high raw life they are a little zany in a good way and you can totally see they love the raw foods and nature like most of us raw foodists would agree is the best part of living a clean life. 

I totally would have to say that you can do this on your own but having someone that can help inspire you either by watching a YouTube video or having a raw book to read will help you make your conversion to this lifestyle easier and also to stick with it do not be like so many you tubers I'm going raw for a month etc. wait until you want to do this for good and then convert first off if your considering it take it slow consider the hallelujah diet which is 80-20 this means some cooked food but still vegan minus the bread products.  It is always better to slowly transfer lifestyles then to go to fast and fail, unless however you life is in jeopardy with being morbidly obese or with illness I would say get on a green juice fast ASAP this lifestyle has been known to reverse illnesses and also massive weight loss has been associated with the raw food lifestyle.


I've been your average North American Diet consuming person for over the last 30yrs so I can tell you that you will notice a huge change in the way you feel once you start living a cleaner life and living RAW. 
You may notice the first few days feeling some weakness and possibly some sickness this is from you body detoxing some of the junk out of your body this is normal.  After these first few days you will start to notice an increase in strength and energy, you will have a deeper nights sleep, you will not feel lazy and tired after eating like you do with cooked/processed foods but energized and full of power.  You will most likely feel pain going away in joints and muscles, you could also see illness vanish if you have something going on in your life EVEN CANCER AND DIABETES has been reported to vanish living this way.  You will be more flexible and focused, you will find weight flying off with minimal exercise, you may also find the smell of cooked foods may make you nauseous especially the processed stuff. 

You will have cravings for the healthy stuff 24/7 like munching on kale or some mango or even some fresh sliced brussel sprouts with a citrus dressing of your choosing.  You will have the urge to hunt for exotic fruits and veggies just to see what they taste, look, smell like.  Instead of a chunk of meat you will reach for a salad or green smoothie.  Like I said I'm new to this myself these are some of the changes I have witnessed first hand especially the weight loss aspect when I started I weighed an obese 270lbs now I'm in the 230's after only 2 months if you cant do the math that is like 40lbs I have also gone from a 40" waist to a 34".
 I'm in a little bit of a lull at the moment but I have a great deal of belly fat and we all know that is the hardest area to lose fat.  If you read my other blogs I have also back slided here and there and also out of experimenting with the cooked and of course like I said I'm only human.   Be prepared for this removing all cooked or processed temptation is a great way of doing this but for many of you out there that have families or even just spouses that are not on board with you it can be difficult to not have the cooked processed foods within reach.



Live Raw, Live Healthy, Live Clean, Live Longer. MAKES SENSE DOESN'T IT?.
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