Thursday, April 7, 2011

Staying Raw can be rough and tough but not giving up!!!

Too all you raw foodists out there I give you props.  I'm not sure if it is not just having the produce or the other superfoods when your living the raw way I find it hard too stay this way,  possibly it is also the decades of eating meat and processed junk that makes it hard for me.  Do not get me wrong I love living this way and of course the fruits and veggies I have always adored.  I just find when you do not have the produce or the produce in which you want to eat all the time I feel you get tempted to eat the cooked foods.  I'm not wealthy by any means and buying enough produce to even do a decent juice feast is quite costly do you realize how much produce you need to buy to make a gallon of fresh green juice and that is just for one day.  I find myself in a dilemma love the fruits and veggies and the raw and how it makes me feel then on the other hand not being able to sustain myself on just the raw.  I find myself hungry at times and eating more fruit or veggies isn't doing it for me.  I guess I have backslided a bit too much of late and need to stop giving into temptation.  I
guess I need to come to the realization that this is not going to be as easy as I thought.  I have totally noticed one thing though my metabolism has sure changed over the last 2 months I find I'm burning more calories not gaining much weight and still feeling great.  I guess you could say I've been 80% raw the last while.  Indulged in some cooked foods only out of necessity and some for remembrance of those items I have always loved like of course peanut butter, cheese, and some tortilla bread atleast no yeast.  I may indulged in these items since I was working and the option of produce was not available at the time and was low on funds to hit the market prior to work and of course most of us battle with that one.  

I find myself coming up to my birthday and of course the question of what to do for the celebration meal as I usually go out for my birthday.  Not having a local raw restaurant is not an option so most likely I will indulge on my birthday.  I'm also having a little holiday from work and considering a
short juice fast.  I already know what I want for my birthday I just happen to see it today it is a tea beverage holder press/mug/storage unit all in one at David's Tea it may be 30 dollars but they look awesome and very handy, they had a few different colors, but I think the earthy green one was my favorite and of course some cans of tea on the side like longlife oolong blend and maybe the green and fruity rooibos concoction or the forever nuts herbal blend, or of course the secret weapon white tea blend.  Of course any of my family reading this or my wife hint hint.

I think living mainly raw is better then mainly junk even if you indulge in some animal by-products like eggs or cheese once in awhile so what.   I will never be one of those in your face raw foodists/vegans!!.   I do believe some things in moderation are fine and I also believe that anybody can live anyway they choose.   So saying that just try to increase your fruits and veggies and let your body tell you how much better they make you feel maybe istead of a burger get a smoothie.  

Remember your body can only work with what it is given so if your always eating junk your body is not going to react the way you want it too.

Also remember I'm on a journey of change and anything like that has some ups and downs.  To make it through you must just keep trudging through the forests of transformation and eventually everything becomes clearer and life becomes easier and living raw just becomes natural.

Good Luck and God Bless in your own Journey and always remember you can always fall or stumble just get back up and keep walking were only human not robots, it is not like we can reprogram ourselves and immediately change our whole lifestyle overnight.

P.S. We all have foods or even smells that trigger something in ourselves,  giving in is not that your weak it just means your human.
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