Friday, May 13, 2011

Making Sure You Have Produce!!!

Your only going to be good at this lifestyle if you have the food around.  One the most vital aspects of this lifestyle is making sure you have fresh produce in your home and quite a lot of it actually.  Really pack your fridge with produce and get rid of a lot of the temptations you may have in your cupboards especially if your looking at this for a weightloss or detoxing.  Remember the foods you eat now will differ from what you have been consuming for the last 10-20-30yrs or longer, in essense if you know how to cook well retrain your way of thinking becasue now your going to learn how to uncook. 
I mean to say you cook but the aspect ofusingstove/oven/deepfryer/toaster/microwave is all over!!!! well except maybe boiling some water for a nice cup of herbal tea.  Anyways this lifestyle you have many ways of cooking basically using a knife would be your basic, food processors, blenders like a Vitamix/Blendtec, food dehydrators, juicers, mandolins, spiralina machines, spirolli machines and other kitchen gadgets that may be used to process food but nothing that will break the 119 degree mark so your keeping all the nutritional aspects of the food your devouring.

Back to the basics though having the food when you primarily eating fruits and veggies it is quite common for the body to require you to eat more often and in generally more  now do not think that
eating all this fruit  your not going to lose weight.  For one the acids will help to burn away fat, the
amino acids will allow the body to make its own protein so you'll be able to burn off more fat and build lean muscle which also helps increase your metabolism and the high alkaline foods will help to clean the blood and flush the toxins from the body and also gives you more energy and strength.

So when your hungry eat grab an apple, orange, banana, whatever RAW product your body may be craving before you end up starving yourself because when you end up starving yourself.   Your mind triggers something in you especially the newbies that you need to devour a big cheeseburger or a plate of pizza and french fries because you haven't eaten for awhile so remember eat anmd if your at work take some pieces of fruit with you. 

Remember this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart yes anybody can do it but it does take some willpower and dedication on your behalf.  JUST MAKE SURE YOU GOT SOME RAW GRUB AND NO TEMPTATIONS, SOME INSPIRATION LIKE A WEIGHT LOSS GOAL FOR INSTANCE, AND YOU'LL BE GOOD TO GO.

If your wandering what I mean by temptations the foods that have made you FAT and unhealthy, the foods that are killing you like, meats, dairy, breads, processed junk food, FAST FOOD, OOPS ALMOST FORGOT POP DIET AND REGULAR!!!and other grain and flour based products LIKE PASTA and CEREAL FOR INSTANCE. 

This lifestyle is the way people ate more then 2 thousand years ago and beyond in many cultures even today animals are sacred they are not eaten if scientists and nutritionists keep saying cooked foods, processed junk, meats, dairy products, and grain products are the root of so much illness why are we listening to the big corporations getting rich off our illness.  Don't just listen to me listen to a lot of the raw foodists and Dr's/Naturopaths that live this way animal products and other man made refined garbage has been killing our population for decades look at smal thrid world countries living off the land are they sick NO because they do not consume the processed garbage North America and other large cities devour on a daily basis. 

If you want to be healthy start doing stuff for yourself instead of going to your local store and buying some processed junk off the shelf or from a freezer make it from scratch learn how to cook or really learn how to uncook.

On a gentler note increase your RAW veggies and fruit intake, and reduce animal products and grain products and you will notice benefits in a short amount of time including weight loss and possibly reversal of illness you may be suffering from EVEN CANCER.

God Bless and Best Wishes
If you cannot give up all your cooked foods check this lifestyle out still even in this one
NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS 85% Raw/15% cooked:
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