Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting too much Vitamin D

Well Yesterday we had a great day nice sunny not hot so it was a great day to  work in the yard.  The only obvious problem with this is getting dehydrated or sunburned well.  Well the dehydration part I had in check had the house at the ready.  The sunburn not so much there was a nice gentle breeze and so I did not feel like I was getting burned.  Long story short was I got excess Vitamin D my neck back legs and arms are on fire.  I'm totally going to go to health store after work and find some aloe or coconut oil hopefully that will dull the pain to some degree.  I do not believe in sun tan lotion simply put I feel a lot of the ingredients that go into sun tanning products have been tested and proved to cause cancer in rodents and so really is it the sun giving us cancer or the sun tan lotion makes you wonder?.  I will put up with a little sun burn then increase my chances of serious illness.  Really you put it on your skin it goes into your bloodstream.  Anyways just letting you know watch how long you stay out in the sun and if you burn easily maybe time yourself, I was out for like 5hrs so yeah I'm a little red today.  I have attached a youtube video for some remedies and tips to help after getting sunburned.

God Bless and Happy Healing.
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