Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Living Raw May Be For You.

I'm writing this blog so you can figure out if this is the lifestyle that may be a good fit for yourself.  First off ask yourself some simple questions could you stand to be healthier, is losing weight a positive for you, is reversing the signs of aging something that interests you without the aspects of plastic surgery.  If you answered yes to just a couple of the properties in the topicsa above this may work for you.  Some other reasons that would be beneficial in converting to a raw food lifestyle:  You have just been diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer for instance, or stage 2 diabetes, many people who have converted to this kind of lifestyle have had cancer vanish, and also been able to go without diabetic medication as well as other numerous illnesses, like arthritis, IBS, Skin Diseases, the list goes on and on.  Truly the reason so many of us in society are becoming ill is truly from the foods we eat mainly the
animal products and other processed products in the marketplace.   Not only when you eat raw do you remove all of the products that have been proven to increase illness, you are benefiting from all the nutritional properties of the foods your consuming because you are not cooking them.

If you are not aware that when you cook any food above 119 degrees you are destroying all beneficial enzymes and nutitional aspects of the food I'm letting you know you are.  Fruits and veggies have been  available to us for thousands of years and vegetation has covered most the planet for millions of years  so it only makes sense that it is here for us to consume and grow and thrive in life.  

Really have you not wondered why we are seeing more and more viruses and illnesses and overweight kids as time goes by, because everyday a new processed and refined food product is being developed and being consumed by the general public with chemicals that are placed in the food to make it more addictive so people eat and eat and eat.  Now of course no company is going to come out and say that theses additives are in the food but in general the refined sugars and salts found in processed foods are bad enough in general.  Really I know many of use consume foods everyday that if we actually knew what went into them would probably not touch them with a ten foot pole.   Then of course the food gurus working in these big corporate food research plants have found and devised so many different types of chemicals and flavour enhancers we do not care what went into it because it tastes good.

It contrast though if food companies came out and said our products will cause obesity and other serious health risks including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and increase your risk of stroke and heart attacks would we stray away from them most of us probably would make the conscious decision not to not consume these products.   Where as some people already obese and ill would say whatever and still eat these foods and you know what alot of these foods are in general " ALMOST EVERYTHING SERVED AT A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT INCLUDING THE SALADS WHICH WHICH MOST OF THEM SOAK IN SUGAR WATER TO INCREASE ITS EXPIRATION DATE".  SO EVEN WHEN YOU ARE THINKING YOUR EATING HEALTHY AT A RESTAURANT YOUR NOT REFINED SUGAR LADEN SALAD AND WHAT ON THE SIDE A SUGAR LADEN BEVERAGE BE IT DIET OR REG OR EVEN JUICE ALL THOSE JUICES ARE SYRUP AND WATER!!!.

So to end this blog are you tired of being fat, lazy, and having no energy, are you sickk of being looked at and laughed at behind your back or even right at you, have you had enough of being the punchline of so many jokes.  So are you ready to start living then try this for yourself I'm not saying go cold turkey or even removing all of the cooked foods.   I'm just saying increase your activity level and consume more fruits and veggies and lay off the processed garbage and animal products.

P.S If this sounds like your daily routine of eating processed foods then gaining more and more weight never seeing the end of the tunnel to actually living a thriving and enjoyable life and maybe seeing your feet or for the guys you know!.  This is the lifestyle for you or atleast one you should highly consider.

God Bless and Peace.

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