Friday, May 20, 2011

Plastic Surgery: Look at your inner health before your outer they are Linked.

I'm writing this to explain to so many people that plastic surgery is not the fix you really need.  What I mean by this is that once you go through plastic surgery it may make things on the outside look fine, but what really makes you look good on the outside is really how well your internal organs are operating on the inside.  So many people in society are quick to run to a plastic surgeon to get liposuction or a tummy tuck etc.  In all honesty for most people it takes you getting off your asses and doing some exercise.  Really 50yrs ago if you told someone that in the future people are going to be getting fat sucked out of there bellies and put in there butts or stapling there stomachs to lose weight they would probably think you were nuts.   Here we are though those exact procedures are being done hundreds of times a day all over the planet.  However if we were to say if you only had to change your lifestyle and get to the gym it would chnage the way you look , feel, and also save you tons of money instead of plastic surgery you would be like really.  

Well people the easy weightloss and complete transformation to your figure is here and really it has been around for centuries,  Simply put the Raw Food Lifestyle.  Converting to a mainly raw food lifestyle can transform you physically, mentally, and spiritually,  research it for yourself people are losing hundreds of pounds in a short amount of time with minimal exercise and keeping it off.  People are also reversing the aging process making themselves younger day after day and they are also making themselves stronger and healthier be detoxing and cleansing their internal organs.

Truly why spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and increase the possibility of illness, death, or some other complication after effect for a procedure.  Spend that money on Raw food ingredients supplies and make yourself and your whole family healthier and skinnier. 

Do not get me wrong plastic surgery is a miracle worker for many people born with cosmetic issues burn victims, and morbidly obese people who have tried everything well except this lifestyle that is.
Most of the problems we face today with obesity and illness can be blamed on processed crap/Fast Food and really the consumption of animal products.  We have a body that is designed to eat nutrient rich fruits and veggies not meats, animal by-products and cooked dead foods.

In all honesty if you were to give this lifestyle a decent try for atleast a week we will see some amazing changes and most likely some decent weightloss.

God Bless and Best Wishes, Peace.
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