Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sugar & Salt: The Silent Killers

These two flavour enhancing products have been put in our foods for decades even centuries as a preservation technique.  Though we have used these items daily as a reg. as drinking water we still today are blind to the health risks that both of these products cause to us.  First off we know that sugar refined processed sugar increases the risk of diabetes, rots enamel off of teeth, causes cavities, and also causes obesity.  Really in all seriousness those are just a few concerns that sugar has since when you consider obesity also leads to diabetes, heart disease, COPD a pulmonary breathing disorder, increase heart attacks risk, circulation issues, stroke, and of course dying young.  That is just sugar salt on the other had has even more issues I'm talking about the average iodized table salt, not the mineral beneficial Sea Salt you can buy.  Salt is known for increasing blood pressure, causing many other problems within us like heart palpatations, heart attacks, heart disease, and loss in bone density and strength like we see associated with Osteoporosis,  even in some rare cases over use of salt death has also been reported.  Yes salt is present in all of us and a small amount is needed to keep us alive but it is the over use in everything processed and refined and heavily seasoned that is causing many of us to have all of these nasty side effects.   If you have a sweet tooth fine just consider using natural alternatives compared to refined processed ones.  Like honey, maple syrup, stevia, agave, just too name a few.  For the salt consider using Sea Salt you do not need to use as much,  I find the flavour much more satisfying myself and in general it has health benefits as well. 

Really though even over doing the fruits and sugary veggies like carrots and beets is something you need to keep track of.  I love melons since they are primarily water and my other fruit favs. would have to be apples, pears and oranges.  Though out of everything having a nice slice of tomato with some sea salt and black pepper yummy.

Really though look at the labels of all the processed foods in the grocery store the next time you shop and you will see the highest levels are generally glucose/fructose or liquid inverted sugar or HFCS also known as high fructose corn syrup which is sugar and of course sodium aka: Salt.  So in actuality what are you eating when your grabbing the processed food from the freezer or the shelf processed meat products/refined grain products/liquid sugars/iodized salt and a whole bunch of chemicals for most of them you cannot even read have we lost the saying when you cannot read a ingredients label do not buy it yes I mean the one that is in English. 

Seriously people if we were all to reduce the amount of iodized table salt and refined sugars we consume we would be a much healthier and less obese public.   Truly we are continually seeing a rise in obesity worldwide but what else are we seeing a increase of worldwide  "FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS".  Yes and what is  apparent with fast food sugary pop/juice and salty/fatty food. 

Really if a lot of these processed foods we crave did not have all the sugars and salt in them we would not desire them because they simply would not taste all that great.  The salt and sugars are put there to disguise the actual taste of the product and the chemicals that are being used to simulate flavors.  Really do you think that animal entrails, and fat taste good on there own ever looked at how much sodium is pumped into a wiener's, bologna or a cheap brand chicken nugget ?. 

Look at some people in society they are so hooked on sugar and salt they add it to stuff that is already naturally sweet or salty or even the more bizarre putting salt on sweet stuff like an apple for instance or the common one done when you were a kid with sugar and cinnamon as dipping for fruit.

The worst aspect of all this is that parents are feeding there kids an over abundance of sugars and salts all the time look at sour candies for instance, pop tarts, pop, fast food, processed dinners, canned foods, you name it they are all over loaded with salt and sugars.

Look back in the years why do you think your dad or mom lived until they was old and grey well it was called home cooking, no processed crap, low salt, low sugar, and tons of fruits and veggies. 
Because back when your parents were growing up housewives/dads actually took the time to prepare something and knew exactly what was going in it. 

Today is the age of convience and well from what I can see an increase of people dying from obesity, heart disease,stroke, high blood pressure and side effects of that illness.  As well as Cancer
it has actually been found that cancer cells live off this refined processed crap mostly the sugar but it really makes you think about the increase in cancer, heart disease, stroke, and obesity correlates quite well with the increase of fast food joints and processed foods.

So too finish this blog reduce your refined sugars and salts choose healthy alternatives as listed hear
and live a long and healthier life illness free or at least not as much.  Consider watching this short YouTube video which is closed captioned for the hearing impaired and see the increase's for yourself just over the last few decades.  This news story depicts truly what has happened to our planet over the last few decades.

God Bless and Best Wishes.
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