Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gardening Before & Now.

Well another day of rain and clouds wishing the sun would come and stay for awhile up here in Northern BC all I can say is it is suppose to be 22 degrees this weekend and can't wait..  Plus another reason I wish I had a big greenhouse.  I have always loved working with the dirt and planting and such since I was very young.   I can remember helping my mom plant lettuce and other veggies and even dropping the carrot and other veggie seeds in the holes.  Most of all I remember lugging around our ancient front tiller as a teeneager what a beast and if you have ever used a front tine tiller you know it ain't much different then using a jackhammer if your working with hard soil.  The fruits and veggies we got every year from our garden were huge and delicious.   I'm thinking of getting my yard ready for some raised beds this year atleast get some tomato plants and maybe some herbs growing especially basil my favorite and some spinach.  Next year I will be doing way more getting some seeds growing in Feb.  and just being more prepared just didn't have the time this year.  Getting the raised beds built and the soil will be good for now and atleast a few tomato plants this year should be good what I really want to do is try to grow watermelon up here I know I will need some kind of greenhouse encloser so I'm looking at building the simple u-houses with some plumbing pipe and plastic sheets for now.  If I had a few thousand to throw around I would get a big sucker put up,  I'm on a few acres so I got the space that would be my dream have like 8 raised beds inside that with a long burning wood stove and grow all year long and have a few shelving units for my wheatgrass trays and sprouting jars.  I hope this gets you thinking of gardening on the weekend maybe and start some planting I know many of you already got flower baskets and such because I know I do.  Well as soon as we see them the wife grabs atleast two.  We got five hooks on the front porch so still have three to fill.  If your looking for some information on your next garden project or just some tips on making things grow better I would recommend you check out this guy on Youtube.   His channel is growingyourgreens.  I have enclosed a link to one of his many videos on gardening be sure to check out his channel your sure to find out anything needed for having a thriving garden this year and all the years to come he is in California and is known for having turned his frontyard into a huge organic garden oasis.

Enjoy gardening, grow your own save $$$$ and you also know what is on it or NOT.
not too hard really good soil, water, and sunlight mother nature does the rest.

God Bless and Best Wishes. 
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