Monday, May 9, 2011

Dealing with Temptations: Remember Your Only Human

My temptations for the cooked foods still linger heavily.  I feel it will be some time before I truly overcome my love of breads and some meat products.  I still consistently eat mainly raw and if I do eat meat products it is once every few weeks.  When I compare my old lifestyle to meat products daily two or three times a day I would have to say I'm doing quite well.  I'm still battling the bulge to some degree but I'm also not gaining much weight back.  I believe I would have to thank my extra lean muscle mass and higher muscle percentage and the increase of my metabolism too some aspect of this.  Even if it takes me a few months to go completely raw or even completely vegan I feel if you give some time to any change it will last for the long run.  No change can be immediate no one is perfect I'm certainly not.  I will live by my mentors words love others and consume more fruits and veggies and do not judge others for the ways they live we all have our own paths in life.  If you do not know who I have as a mentor/inspiration for my choosing this new lifestyle path for my life it is Dan McDonald the Life-regenerator on YouTube and of course above all else God.  I feel like some of my blogs may have been kind of forceful and I apologize for this all I can say is living mainly raw has made a huge impact in my life and it could do that for yours as well.  If you cannot go away from your cooked foods I will recommend another option which many have had huge transformations from as well it is called the Hallelujah Diet. Type this into your search bar for a direct link to the information on this lifestyle.  Both of these lifestyles do however revolve around no animal products of any kind.  The hallelujah diet allows for such things as beans and potatoes and steamed veggies.
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