Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Months Down mainly Raw

Well everyone it has been three months since I started my journey living mainly raw.  I have experimented with meat and some animal by-products over these three months just to really see any side effects and how they made me feel in general.  I would have to say they made feel like crap not only did I feel sluggish and weak compared to when I just have my raw fruits and veggies, I felt clouded and well dazed I guess you could say.  I know now that Raw fruits and veggies and the occasional assortment of soaked nuts and super foods is the best lifestyle choice for me.  If I have realized anything is that consuming enough food for your energy level and endurance as well as your metabolism.  The best way I could suggest doing this is by juicing or making smoothies.  Personally though I love making a huge salad at night during the day I usually have my juice or smoothie.  I'm still kind of in a weight loss lull but I'm also gaining a lot of lean muscle and trying to lose abdominal fat which is the hardest.  I have not gained weight back however and that is awesome.  I'm starting to get an actual physique and needless to say it has been most of my life where I have not had one so I'm ecstatic on the transformations so far.  I will continue to do this and totally going to increase Raw intake
go from 80% to 90% and remove the meat/animal products.  I also still need to strive to do a long juice feast.
I hope those of you that follow me here and on twitter are trying something like this for yourselves, if not then consider it for the future.   This is not only a way of life just for weight loss but for amazing healing and enrichment of your overall health, an increase in strength, wisdom, spirituality, love, and other awesome benefits.

God Bless and Best Wishes.
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