Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GrapeFruit: Love it or Hate it

This tasty citrus has a lot of properties too it that makes it delicious and tart.  However it also has some properties that can make it work against antibiotics and other prescription medications therefore many people are unable to dine on this delectable essence of this citrus variety.  As a child many kids sprinkled sugar on there grapefruits as most times they were to tart to eat plain even I remember doing this.  We tend to prefer food that is sweet or salty that is just a normality for most of the human race if not all.  So when we come across something that is too sour or tart we tend to combat this with something sweet, when something is too bland to our palate we tend to use salt to enhance the flavor.  I for one have always liked to dine on grapefruit but no more sugar for me the taste is full, juicy and satisfying maybe you just get used to certain foods with age.  I hope you can enjoy this citrus and if not oranges are always great anytime.  These wonderful fruits that came to us via marrying pomelo's and oranges are naturally low in calories, high in insoluble fiber and really have a great kick of Vitamin A and the Ruby Red varieties also give us a nice shot of Lycopene.  As well this citrus packs a good source of iron, folate, calcium and other beneficial nutrients.  So get out there and grab some of these tarty yet nutritionally packed fruits now.

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