Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Raw is So Simple.

Really living this way is very simple you have may different aspects to this lifestyle that you can do.  Like dehydrating foods, juicing, smoothies, food processors, etc. or simply just eating fruits and veggies in there raw form.  I for one love the ladder there is nothing that I enjoy more then sitting down and feasting on some fresh watermelon,mangoes, apples and oranges.  Of course making a fruit salad is a choice for doing this or just making wedges of the fruit and throwing it all on a plate.  One of my favorites though is Fresh tomatoes sliced with some sea salt/crushed black pepper and maybe a few leaves of spinach or fresh basil.  That is what is so awesome living raw even the simple stuff tastes so awesome.   Really with this lifestyle NO Slaving away in the kitchen for hours or making the house into a huge mess as well as a hot box in the summertime.  So if your looking at different ways to save time and feed your family healthy food consider this lifestyle it works.

MMMMMMMMM Rawwwww!!!!!!!!!!
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