Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worship & Praise Our Lord and Savior Who Knows When Our Time Ends, He is The Final Judge.

At the moment I love many things, I love my wife, family,and of course my animals, my job but above all else I love our savior Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father.  I have had the good fortune to be blessed many times in my life from being saved from a disastrous motorcycle accident when I was 15yrs old lacerated spleen, internal bleeding, hospital for a week and home bound for another three weeks.  That is one of the worst ones but one that I remember and I'm truly thankful I survived I felt like I had a angel watching over me that day out in the midle of nowhere bike crapped out took forever to restart and then it did raced to my family then off to the hospital.

Then of course the huge blessings later in my life finding the love of my life, moving and getting hired into a very rewarding career path.  My in-laws and inherited family and how awesome they are.  Then finding out about this lifestyle choice and rocking it Raw style.

I'm writing this blog because as most of you know I'm Christian and very spiritual and need to express my praise and love to the one that gives me knowledge, wisdom, and the strength to live each day in this crazy stressful society we live in.  So on this day I Will this blog to God and Jesus Christ that they would recieve some praise and love from these words and that they would hear that I'm so very thankful for the blessings and answered prayers that I have received throughout my life.  That I also would pray for all of the people in this world that are having hard times, living in shelters/poverty, all of our troops overseas and also send out heartfelt condolence's to the families who have lossed a loved one in the wars, in the Japan Tragedy and any other act of war or natural disaster. That more people would look towards the sky and into their hearts and cry out to God for some guidance in their lives rather then celebrities acting like complete morons. 

Instead of watching a reality show maybe tune into some church service via the web or some Worship hour or open the good book THE BIBLE OF COURSE or even read some inspiring words from a blog you like or even this one.

For all of those people who do not believe in our Savior or who may simply have fallen or have done a little backsliding from the church. I will say a prayer that your eyes will be opened that he is the creator of us all and we should bring him praise and worship if not in church each week just bringing him into your home life daily or sending out a prayer request for a loved one.  That  we have creatures great and small all around us and abundance of fruit and veggies because of him, that woman have the miracle of childbirth around the world because of him.

In these times of trouble around the world we should atleast look to the one that may literally be in control of our eternal soul.  I know for myself streets paved in gold sounds a lot better then eternity suffering in a river of fire,  you be the judge for yourself.  These are my opinions and everyone has the right to their own.  I for one would rather believe in someone that has already helped me immensly throughout my life even if I have never seen him, then worship some mortal being here on earth  like all of these foolish teenage girls screaming for Justin Bieber or The Jonas Brothers.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone I'm just stating that this world has become so corrupt and evil over the last few decades.  Also another reason I feel we are very close to the End of Days.  If reality TV is any showing that the time of the end is near consider praying and maybe repenting.

Anyways God Bless and Best Wishes
and as Always have a Great Day.

Love & Praise God Always, Peace.
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