Friday, April 29, 2011

Exercise: The Most Critical Aspect of Any Lifestyle

Now I have wrote about this in the past but I though I needed to touch base again on this point.  You may already know what I'm talking about or you may be wondering what it is.  I'm discussing EXERCISE and really any kind, any form, anything that gets you moving in the direction of living a healthier lifestyle.  Really anything it can be walking, jogging, step aerobics, interval training, boxing,
martial arts, running, hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, using a treadmill, elliptical, or rowing machine anything that makes you use your own body to get you some where or gets your blood pumping.  Cardio exercise is the only thing that keeps are hearts strong and the blood flowing properly without exercise your heart becomes weak just like your other muscles and you increase the risk of heart disease, heart attack, Obesity"staying FAT", and other health complications.  So before you sit down for the evening to watch your favorite program or even just to read a book consider going for a walk first or even a jog depending on your physical abilities.  People in wheelchairs consider using some dumbbells if you have use of your arms or some other sport like wheelchair basketball.  Really there are forms of exercise for all people meaning anyone that is willing to try something new or something they may have done many years prior just do it your body may yell at you with pain but that is your body telling you your out of shape it gets easier as you progress.  Staying healthy and strong is in your hands no one can do the exercise for you.  Time for you to get off the tush and move your buns.

P.S. I recommend buying a MP3 player or Ipod and have some music to listen too.  I personally find it motivating while at the gym or even walking my dog. I listen to techno it gets you moving, but choose what you like classical though may not be the best choice for a workout session just an observation.

God Bless and Best Wishes.
Remember like I have said before only you can make the changes for you!.  Look at it this way when someone says you can't do it or you will always be FAT use that as a motivator and prove them wrong.

Trust me it feels great when you do something and surprise people that said you couldn't do it has given me more motivation to carry on and lose even more weight.

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