Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Too Much Salt: Stop Damaging your Bones.

I have done alot of reading over my life and in the last few months have come across many articles on Bone density and Bone related health issues like Osteoporosis.  One of the sources I read cleary did a study on the aspects of  Salt on bone density.   If this simple flavour enhancer has already been linked to increased heart attack risk, high blood pressure, stroke, cancers, and other issues then why be surprised that it would be linked to bone health.   What else should we be concerning ourselves with prior to consuming this poison.  Well in the tests they performed they were clearly able to link the intake of salt to loss of bone density.  Also through other tests these professionals completed they found more evidence that woman who ingested more salt then average greatly increased there risk of developing Osteoporosis and other joint/bone issues earlier in life.  We generally relate to bone issues to woman more then men but us men are also at risk.  So the next time you are pouring the salt on your food consider that other then increasing your risk of heart attack or high blood pressure issues, that your also damaging the skeletal structure for your whole body.  Salt if your going to use it at all try using nutrient and mineral rich sea salts but in general many foods we eat have natural sodium and do not even need added salt take celery for instance.

Two of the other products associated to bone loss are caffiene and pop. Here is a link talking more on this and giving you some professional reassurances that what I'm saying is all fact.  Also included in this link is some information on foods you should stay away from and other aspects of lifestyle that would help you from getting osteoporosis or living with the condition.
P.S. Calcium deficiencies are a major cause of bone issues so remember to get your calcium be it through foods or supplements.
God Bless and Peace.
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