Thursday, July 7, 2011

Raw Salsa MMMM

What you will need to make this yummy salsa:

4-6 tomatoes or more if small romas
2 limes
1/4 of a red onion or 50ml
1 bunch of cilantro
2 jalapenos or more this gives it a nice kick
1Tblspoon cumin
2 tspns paprika
Sea Salt & Fresh cracked pepper for added flavour
1 red pepper
"Garlic optional it can overpower many ingredients remember store bought salsa is cooked this is raw."

First off wash all veggies, cut and juice limes, cut tomatoes in pieces so it is easier for food processor
take stems off of cilantro, cut and deseed the jalapeno and red pepper.

Once this is done start piling stuff into food processor first the tomatoes followed by the pepper, and the jalapenos, juice of the lime, the cilantro and the spices, pulse a few times to break the food down and then run until you have the consistency you want be it rough or a fine salsa.  You can use right away with some cucumber or zuccini chips or maybe in a wrap with some other veggies and a piece of romaine or bok choy.

With salsa you can make many varieties just simply change the main part of it and keep the rest the same for instance if you would like a tropical fruit salsa omit the tomatoes for mango or papaya or both.  If you want a spicier salsa well that is easy consider using habanero peppers or simply a good sprinkling of cayenne or crushed chili flakes or just another jalapeno.  Remember one important thing salsa's flavours will enhance more as it sits as the juices and oils will combine and breakdown so the salsa may not be too hot right now but it could be quite smokin the next day.

Salsa is very versatile it can be used on its own for main dishes, as a condiment, as a dressing for a salad, and many others the sky is the limit.  This is probably one of the best transition foods when starting a rawfood lifestyle.  Enjoy.

P.S. If you do not have a food processor you can do this all by hand it just takes longer.

I made this last night for my Bok Choy wraps and then had leftovers today which was like wow in flavour.   Added a touch of curry and some more cumin and paprika for a little different flavour and used as a topping for my salad well it also was the dressing MMM.

With simple changes like that you can have a mexican dish turn into a dish with some indian flare.
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