Thursday, July 7, 2011

Simple Raw Food Recipe: Bok Choy Wrap.

I made this last night for a simple yet yummy experiment.  Really all you need is a head of Bok CHoy more if your feeding more then yourself. The ingredients used to make some raw salsa either the recipe found below this post or another your choice.

Take the Leaf of the bok choy and cut off the hearty stem and set the top leaf aside do this for all the Bok Choy save the stems for a another meal works great with some romaine in a salad.  After you have done this wash the leaves of the Bok Choy and pat dry and set to the side. 

Make the salsa when this is completed just simply spoon the salsa into the middle of the leaf onto the Bokchoy and roll up like a wrap and enjoy.  You could always add more veggies in reality the slasa already has peppers, onions, and tomatoes so you really do not need it told you it was simple.  Leftovers can always be used the following day as a salad topping use the leftover Bok Choy stems and a head of romaine and some extra veggies like cucumbers, tomato and maybe a pepper toss it all together and voila you have another raw dinner.

These wraps can be kind of messy so make sure you use a plate while eating.  If your a gourmet raw person some raw nut cheese would make these go BOOM!
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