Saturday, September 17, 2011

Junk Food: The Reason you are Sick & Tired!!

Well if you watch tv you have probably seen the advertisement on the effects of junk food being just as hard on your liver and kidneys as consuming excess alcohol.  Needless to say the reason for this is that when you consume an abundance of junk food that is full of saturated and trans fats this causes a problem in the liver called fatty liver disease amongst also giving you no nutritional benefits making you feel like you have been run over by a freight train after eating it.  This compounds the more you eat these types of food, then also add obesity to this equation and it tips the scale to harmful health problems as more and more time goes by similar to the aspects of getting liver diseases when they consume too much alcohol over their lifespan.  So if you think your not going to get sick because you do not drink alcohol then you would be mistaken.  If instead your consuming the unhealthy fats like cheesecake, ice cream, potato chips, fast food and other processed junk that not only can lead you to liver and kidney problems but these foods that are also packed with cholesterol are also going to cause blockages in your arteries causing an increase in the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and other weight related illnesses including CANCER.  Even if you are not over weight eating processed junk will catch up too you just as much as alcohol catches up to alcoholics.   So the next time your thinking of having a big bowl of ice cream, a piece of cheesecake, or biting into a juicy burger remember this that you are most likely doing more damage then having an alcoholic beverage.  Remember that only you can make the sound decisions of what you will put into your body if you choose not to consume the junk it will not enter your body.  Truly if anything many companies are now coming forward and letting us know that many of the ingredients used in the process of the products are poison for humans for instance Aspartame, Flouride, and many other chemicals which they do not even give the names of only an abbreviation so even the highly refined sugars that are found in everything like high fructose corn syrup or (HFCS).   Truly as explained in the video above it is explained all the health problems that can be associated with eating junkfood and really how easy it is to just stop putting the junk in your mouth.

God Bless.
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