Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beating Temptations

Now I'm not saying that I'm perfect far from it I'm just saying there are simple ways to overcome or just distract yourself from many temptations that you may face if and when you start living a Raw Food Lifestyle.  First off many people who have been consuming meats, dairy and other animal products will have a lot harder time converting to this lifestyle then those that have been living vegetarian or vegan.  Vegan's would have the easiest transition simply because they would just have to remove the cooked foods from there diet the no animal product aspect is mute.  I myself have been a meat consuming person all of my life and it simply came down to research and my weight issues that I started down this path myself.  I do battle with meat and other animal products here and there as well as bread products.  The one aspect I have found on my journey to becoming a raw foodist completely is try to have some of your favorite fruits and veggies around at all times even if they are dried, the reason I say this is if your tempted to eat something that you know would just cause havoc too your body or disrupt your conversion to raw having something to eat in its place will help you through the temptation.   Kind of like the "Special K" commercial with the woman and the pastrie dilemma, instead it would be like having an apple or some raw trail mix or even some dried fruit like mango for instance.   Having the ability to carry around a delicious snack  whereever you go and not having to worry about it going bad is also one of the plus's of living a rawfood lifestyle.  So before you head out to the store or the mall where you have candy, pastries, and other unhealthy choices all around you and tempting your tastebuds at every turn toss an apple, pear, orange, or some other fruit, or a baggie of raw fruit and nuts and be full of joy that if you get the munchies you have something to curb your appetite rather then the crap all around you.

God Bless and Best Wishes.
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