Thursday, November 10, 2011

David's Teas Winter and Christmas Blends

Well most of you know I love tea and frequent the local establishment all the time.  Well last week the new winter blends arrived some returning decadent teas like the Chili Chocolate Chai and then some new blends that are quite awesome.  The best one I would have to say has been the best tea I have ever had from the any other seasonal collection is called Alpine Punch it smells a bit like marzipan the nutty almond scent, with some fruity undertones it tastes well incredible.   The flavours emanating out of this blend  is something out of this world really to describe it makes me kind of speechless it is something to just try.  The smell of this tea alone sends you into another world let alone when you drink this heavenly concoction, it is also a Rooibos Tea Blend so you get all the antioxidents and no caffiene let alone all the other properties that rooibos teas have to offer.  The others are a black tea with figs which sounds interesting enough on its own I have yet to try this one but the combination sounds intriguing, another green tea called hottoboggan is quite delicious with a nice apple and spice kind of take this made me think of apple cider.  Then the last time I went in the holiday teas had arrived a returning favorite is Elf Help this tea is great for helping during a cold/flu or just to enjoy on its own.

A new one for the holiday season that has arrived is a puerh tea blend made of the fermented black tea, orange peel, and chocolate I had a latte with soy yesterday of this.  I have to tell you it was amazing the flavours of all the ingredients just exploded with the first sip the chocolate, the orange and the tea being used with this are incredible it was almost like drinking a Terry's Chocolate Orange and we all know how good those are.  Needless to say so many new varieties you need to go check them out because wow the flavours and gift ideas are everywhere. 
I only can hope you all the best in your own journeys and what can I say tea makes the days we spend on this earth a little more special.

God Bless and Peace
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