Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Take a Look at Yourself.

The title of this blog is well to really start to take a real close look at yourself not just on the outside but also how you are feeling on the inside.  Maybe life over the last few years or maybe most of your life has been an uphill battle with emotions and well the weight elevator as I'm also well aware of as are so many of us in this world.   All I'm saying is maybe consider this option if your really ready to hunker down and change yourself for the better and healthier side of yourself take a picture of yourself and then put it on the fridge and possibly other cabinets and the pantry and any other hiding places that there may be some temptations.   Especially if your the only one wanting to change if you have a family you may have those sugary and fatty junk foods still kicking around calling out to you.  Then in say about six months take another picture of yourself and put them side by side and then continue your journey until your at the size you want to be.  The best motivation you can give yourself isthe chance to see the positive changes in yourself but mentally and physically.  Changing your lifestyle can literally change who you are make a better you today just by choosing to make healthier choices for your life and your family.  The more you show your kids how important it is to take care of yourself the more they will embrace the change.  Eating healthier is one step but you also have to start moving be it walking, pushing yourself around in a wheelchair whatever gets your blood pumping and heart going.  God Bless and Peace. 
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