Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Kale Dairy Free Smoothie Delight

The last time I was in my local super market I came across organic baby kale to my delight I knew I had to buy this
along with some fresh ripe mangos,  and a few bananas; this was the makings of a great dairy free smoothie.  I took this home and started preparing this superfood delight. 

I peeled the mangos and the banana and deseeded the mango and broke up the banana in chunks  and placed them in blender and then added two big handfuls of the baby kale 2 cups of plain water and then liquefied this concoction.

Ingredients needed:

1 large or 2 small bananas
1 mango or 1 cup frozen or prepared
2 cups of baby kale
2 cups water
1/2 cup ice if wanted colder "optional"

Both the mango and kale are considered superfoods and are full of iron, calcium, protein, Vitamin C, chlorophyll, Vitamin D, and many other essential nutrients, and minerals.  Kale on its own is considered one of the most alkaline boosting foods
on the planet and is why it is getting huge notice in the raw community not just in the kale chip form but as juices and smoothies as well and makes a great marinated salad.   Bananas you can never go wrong good amount of potassium and natural sugars for that needed energy boost and gives a all natural non-dairy smoothie that creamy flavour and texture. 

I love the large kale leafs but these baby leaves are soft and nimble and next will try them in a delicious salad.

Even though this may not have a strong sweet taste like your Booster Juice Outlets and other juice bars it is the health benefits from drinking a green smoothie that make it a smart choice.  If you do like it super sweet add another banana or maybe use some natural fruit juice instead of water or add a touch of agave or stevia.

God Bless and Best Wishes. 

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