Thursday, July 5, 2012

Non-Dairy Nectarine Salad Dressing

This is a non-dairy and non-citrus dressing a only a touch of oil the ingredients needed are as follows:

2-3 Nectarines or Peeled Peaches frozen fruit could also be used.
1 Bunch of Fresh Basil approx 125ml
3-5 leaves of Fresh Mint
10ml Flax Seed Oil
50ml Water

Creamy style use dairy alternative rather then water.
Vinegrette style do a 3:1 ratio of oil and vinegar added to this base.

Place all ingredients in blender and liquefy pour some over mixed greens or some other salad green/veggie mix.

Its summer time Nectarines and Peaches are two of my favorites perfer the nectarines since they do not have the fuzzy skin.  I was experimenting last night with this in the end it turned out not too bad.   I think I would omit the mint in another batch and add some citrus like a squeeze of lime since you can never go wrong with lime.  You could also add some dairy alternative if you want like coconut milk or almond milk or even Soy for a creamy style dressing and even add some coconut oil for some added tropical flavor.  It is so easy to make your own dressings all you need is some imagination and a blender and just play around with things you like to eat;  why buy salt, dairy, and sugar packed dressings that just do more harm then good make healthy perservative free dressings cheap and simple just like the one above.

If your going to buy premade dressings go with Renees at least you know they are not packed with a ton of preservatives and other junk since they are kept refrigerated in the produce section;  not on some dusty shelf in the middle of the store.  Though since no premade product out there that I know of uses dairy alternatives for there creamy dressings lactose intolerent people and vegans are still left without choices.  Make your own then you know what is going in them no guess work involved or ingredient labels to read.
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