Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dragonfruit Green Smoothie

So I made this the other day whn I was doing a brief juice cleanse I had not made it too the market to get a great deal of produce which I have now and intenedc to do a cleanse over the next few days and maybe even longer.  Some of you may have seen my youtube videos; bare with me I'm new to this format and have always been kind of shy in front of the camera.  This is just another juice I concocted while at work I thought some of you might enjoy very simple but quite delicious.  As you may know from mention of this terrrific fruit in previous posts I love dragonfruit I was craving it the other night along with a monstrous amount of spinach I lucked out and was able to grab a 5lb bag for 2.99 and the dragonfruit was only a 1.60 and then some bottled water which I already had.   Basically peeled and chunk the dragonfruit and threw in the spinach and water all into the blender and liquefied it the blender i have at work is well a piece of junk so it was still a bit chunky but the overall taste was nice refreshing and was a nice boost of energy for the rest of my work shift.

So easy really 1 dragonfruit, 4-5cups spinach no stems just leaves, and 2-3 cups of water.  I would have used coconut water if I had some available great source of electrolytes for body recovery and some of that natural energy.
Give this a try next time your looking for a tropical splash.  Adding other fruits are optional though with dragon fruit I would recommend mango, papaya, or some fresh pineapple.  For more of a green kick you could add some kale or chard to this or even some juiced wheatgrass.

God Bless.

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