Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Watermelon Time Oh Yeah

Well for all of those people out in Raw Food land we know that watermelons are coming out and the price is now reasonable for your average consumer.  I love these highly hydrating monsters of the fruit world and the taste is second to none.  The colors can vary from a like pink to a wild yellow and even some in between.  Melons are the fruit in which we can do so many things with they are versatile in many ways eaten on its own or placed into a fruit salad or used in other aspects like flavor in a mixed greens salad.  One of the best ways I have had this beautiful fruit lately is simply large chunk watermelon with a bunch of fresh mint tossed in; mixed together the mingling of this sweet fruit and the twang of the mint just creates this flavor explosion.   I have also found that you can easily turn around throw this same concoction into a blender and have a very refreshing beverage as we all know watermelons rightfully named are 92% water and therefore very low in calories as well and blend nicely.  So the next time you polish off a whole watermelon in a warm sunny afternoon do not fret because most of it is water 0 calories.  Watermelons are known for another awesome aspect they are one of the best fruits to consume that helps detox the body from many issues;  as it will help to pull and dislodge crud from the intestines and colon by giving your body extra hydration one of the main reasons many people become constipated is they do not consume enough water to push digested food out of the body.  So if your hungry and looking for something sweet and well good for the body not a fatty chocolate bar grab some watermelon and chow down;  not only will this curb the hunger it will also help with dehydration as it has been proven that up to 95% of the time your brain says your hungry it is actually saying hey drink some water.  Watermelon is also full of Lycopene a bright red carotene which gives it the natural red pigmentation commonly known in the tomato family and some other red colored vegetables like red carrots for instance.  This pigmentation not only is it a recognized antioxidant which helps the body aid in  prevention of cancer it has been shown to have a great correlation particularly with prostate cancer another huge reason men eat up your watermelon.  Though watermelon has benefits for everyone and can be enjoyed by all which is why it is one of  the most popular fruits on the planet; especially with BBQ season in full swing have a tasty healthy treat for your next get together and reap the benefits of this amazing fruit. 
Just remember people do not have seed fights if your lucky enough to find a seeded watermelon eat them they also have many health benefits and properties.

God Bless.   
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