Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Awesome Documentary: Hungry For Change-NetFlix

Seriously we all make the choice of what we put in our mouths no one is forcing us to eat certain foods though many of us still place the stuff that is killing the planet and causing obesity day after day in our mouths.  If you were to just do some research and find that many of those foods that you consume have made you sick and overweight you will see that it is not the calories themselves that attribute to weight gain and poor health it is the kinds of calories you eat for instance we all know that a fresh piece of fruit is going to be better for you then a greasy burger;  but what if  told you simply by adding a flavoring agent like MSG that piece of fruit could make you fat.  Think I'm wrong I just watched a very eye opening film on NetFlix called Hungry for Change not only did this film have a number of health professionals like Daniel Vitalis and Raw Food Nutritionist Gurus like David Wolfe; it had people who weighed 300lbs+ discussing the things they ate and the way they lived and how when they removed all the junk food and processed garbage from their lives they were able to transform themselves lose the weight and live healthy and vibrant lives and keep the weight off.  If your looking for a documentary that will open your eyes to the world in which we live and the garbage/chemicals that has been incorporated into our local grocery stores and the foods you are most likely consuming and other products that could be making you ill like make-up and other face creams etc.  Remember if you do not already know this what ever you put on your skin will eventually get absorbed into your bloodstream so maybe read those labels more carefully next time you buy an ointment or cream or something else for your body remember that little voice in your head if you cannot say the word it is probably something your body should not consume.  Small companies outside of the big corporations are making healthy and organic products because they have people who have done the research and seen that the mainstream products are simply a complex menagerie of toxic chemicals and are people buying them yes because they can see that these chemicals are linked to various diseases namely Cancer.  In this movie David Wolfe discusses that since the 1940's over Seventy-Two Thousand different chemicals have been incorporated into foods, and other products we use daily.  Maybe you'll check this out maybe you won't I thought I would simply mention it because the more informed we all are to the products that are around us the better off we are to steer clear of them.  Wouldn't it be nice to just change what you eat and have the pounds fly off just think this could be you.  Happy New Year and God Bless.

Another movie that may just change the way you think about what you eat; and how animals are treated and than processed for our consumption is FOOD INC. Warning some of the footage in this movie may make you nauseous.

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