Friday, January 11, 2013

Bodum Citrus Juicer -Sweet Scrumptious OJ

Well the other day I was browsing my local Sears store and checked out the clearance table and low and behold I came across a deal of the century a beautiful pearl white Bodum Citrus Juicer.  Now I remembered looking at these units a few months ago but they wanted $59.99 for them and I was like I will wait not spending that kind of money even though Bodum does make some great products I had a feeling maybe the price would go down anyways I'm looking this over and the only thng that appears to be missing is one of the 2 glasses that come with the unit since you can only make one glass at a time i was not too concerned about this than I saw the tag I was instantly saying to myself SOLD it was on for you'll never guess 11.99 yes I know not under 20.00 but under 15.00 just because it was missing the cup.  Well since I grabbed it I went and grabbed some grapefruit and a bag of oranges and needless to say had the best glass of citrus juice I have ever had.  Truly there is fresh squeezed and than there is "Fresh Squeezed" until you have had a glass of fresh squeezed juice;  I do not mean the stuff you see in the store from one of those companies that says fresh squeezed either by hand or machine when you have the juice squeezed and consume it within a few minutes the flavor just explodes in your mouth.  Now not everyone can afford a citrus juicer but even a dollar store will have a manual one so give it a shot trust me you will be like man I never want that frozen or carton stuff again.  Plus when your juicing you know exactly what your getting no preservatives or added sugars or other junk.  Now many of you know I have a Breville Juice Fountain and I love it; however when you do not have to peel a orange or some other citrus prior to juicing it is heaven cut in half push down on the unit and all the work is done for you and than you can add this too any fruit or veggie juice you make with your traditional juicer or blended drinks or make one killer Virgin Cocktail.  This may be one of the more expensive citrus juicers you can get half decent ones reg. priced for under 40.00

My first juice was a combo Orange and Grapefruit MMMM! 

God Bless and Peace.
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