Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Berry Smoothie Explosion Recipe

My Breakfast smoothie one of them anyways:

2 bananas organic if possible and nice and ripe ones spotted no greenies allowed
1-2 cups of mixed berries I use simply frozen
2 cups of water you could use coconut or some dairy alternative if you wish
My go to LeanFit Vegan plant based protein powder one scoop.

Altogether with Protein powder coming in at 110 calories and 19grams of protein the whole smoothie will ring in about 350 calories with the fruit little more if you use almond milk or the coconut water.  Good caloric intake for breakfast. 

Toss this all into your fav. blender and blend until nice and smooth unless you like it chunky I do not.  Drink up enjoy this should easily power you through until lunch.

If no one has ever told you this than here it is eating green bananas never a good thing not only are they bitter and kind of tasteless they can give you some gut aches and are harder to digest than some nice sweet ripe ones now when I say ripe they do not have to be black not like we are making banana bread here brown spotted is fine a little green at the stem is fine   If you do not have some ripe bananas use another fruit like mango for instance or some pineapple.