Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vegan Strong Month 8

Hey folks sorry I have been lazy with the blog.  Just thought I would let you know things are going great feel awesome and still losing weight.  I have taken this transformation to the vegan lifestyle by the horns as some would say and seem to making a pretty good go of it.  I have not really had too many cravings for meat or any animal products for that matter.  I would have to say when the wife cooks something up since she is not on the lifestyle change as I am the food she makes many times makes me want to vomit the smell of cooked animal flesh and eggs is nasty to my sense these days.
I think after awhile when you remove animal products from your lifestyle you no longer desire them; the smells that you once loved growing up and consuming them all the time seem to vanish.   The desire for healthy fruits, vegetables, greens and other healthy whole food plant based products seem to overwhelm our senses both visually, by smell, and of course by the exotic taste that some foods have to offer mango, dates, and pineapple come to mind. 

So I do not see myself anytime in the near future or if ever again consuming the products from animals that are being linked to increase in cancer, diabetes, heart disease and increase risk of other illnesses as well as obesity.  We now live in a world with products that allow to us to thrive without harming animals or exploiting them in anyway, and we see better health and life because of it so why not embrace some change for your own health.  The reality that we have the ability to live this way and have better health, and reduction in serious health concerns and even reversal of illnesses like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure is shocking that more and more people are not flocking towards living the whole food plant based lifestyle or veganism.  Having this opportunity to radically change your life and possibly removing toxic and expensive medications and the spare tire from your life is huge in my opinion.

On a side note watched an incredible documentary on Netflix called Forks over Knives which chronicles the life and research done by a slew of  Dr`s  around the world and the benefits of a plant based whole food lifestyle and the people they have saved in their studies and programs. Also the research they had compiled listing the health issues from consuming dairy and animal flesh, which are diabetes stage 2, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and bone density issues like osteoporosis just to name a few.

The changes that have been made to allow people to transition into living without the consumption of animal products is vast and ever evolving that companies big and small and making waves into plant based nutrition and food products for us.  Than you have more and more Dr's that are researching the health benefits from proper plant based nutrition more physicians helping people through nutrition and lifestyle change.  If you do your research you will find most of the Dr's that promote consuming dairy and meat products are important to sustaining life have connections to the dairy, and meat industry and other agricultural sectors and are probably getting some kind of cash incentive to say such things.  That Dr's that have done the research and have no connection to big corporation or the dairy and meat industry; or even those that grew up around it now realizing that the consumption of animal products is what is killing humans and the raising of animals for slaughter is killing the planet.   I hope more and more people view documentaries like this and send the message out there how toxic the fast food industry is and how animal agriculture is killing the planet and killing thousands of people everyday. 

All I can say is for the sake of your health put down the greasy beef burger and grab a salad or a delicious green smoothie.

God Bless.

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