Saturday, October 22, 2016

Incredible Vegan Burritos

I made these for me and the wife a few days back and they were so good I thought I would write up the recipe for you to try them out.  The items needed for them goes as follows.

1 package salsa flavored flour tortillas
60ml water
2 cans of spicy refried beans I'm in Canada and BC so I used Western family brand from Save-on but any would do.
3. 1 block of smoked tofu this recipe I used the Shiracha flavored but plain smoked would also work.
1 can diced tomato  I used one with lime juice and peppers added.
1 onion
1 pepper
2-3 cups of Spinach

Optional ingredients or toppings Salsa, Tofrutti sour cream, cilantro, Daiya cheese etc.

Roll of tin foil make enough torn sheets for the tortillas this mixture should make up roughly 8.

Dice the onion and slice the pepper julienne style and grate the smoked tofu then fry them on medium heat until onion is transparent.  Add the can of tomatoes and let simmer for a 5-10mins, chop up the fresh spinach and then add to the pan and cook an additional 5mins or until the spinach is soft and cooked. 
Reheat the refried beans with the water on low heat in separate pot until heated through. 

Once both the items are ready to go get the tortilla's ready.

Putting the tortillas together:

Place tortilla on piece of aluminum foil with a large spoon scoop out some of the refried beans and spread in the middle of the tortilla leave a lot of space all around the tortilla.  Then take some tongs or a slotted spoon to help drain some of the liquid and grab some of the tofu concoction and place on top of the beans spread it out.

Roll-up like a burrito fold each side into the middle  fold up the rear to cover everything and then tightly roll to make burrito.  Than wrap the burrito and place on baking sheet make the rest of them.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F and then bake in over for 20-25mins take out carefully unwrap the burritos put on plate and enjoy.  Topping with Salsa or other condiments is up to you they taste great on there own.

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