Friday, March 11, 2011

The Benefits of Herbal Teas/ and Green Teas.

Most of us are aware of the healing benefits of teas especially herbal and green/white teas.   Many concoctions for detox, intestinal health, stomach upset and even mental illness use teas as a form of ingestion.   For thousands of years asian cultures and many others have used medicinal properties found in tea leaves and other plant and fruit based extracts to cure illness and to speed healing.  So it is no shock that many Naturopathic Physicians use tea and herb concoctions to aid there clientele.  So maybe instead of reaching for the next cup of coffee, or other sugar laden drink like a can of Coke or even a processed bottle of Iced Tea reach for a nice steeped tea of your choosing preferably herbal no caffiene, and maybe a spoon of honey for its benefits sit down and relax.  Teas natural calming effects have been known for centuries and is why many cultures continue to indulge in the spellbinding time of a soothing cup of tea.  So if your looking for a good hit of antioxidents, detoxing abilities and internal health and overall healing and well being.   I recommend you consume some tea ASAP.  Yes I do know that green and white teas have caffiene but when you compare it to your average black teas like your Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey Varieties it is very minimal when you also consider the health benefits of these teas.  Also look at the rooibos blends and the oolongs many are great detoxifiers and also help with indigestion and stomach upset.  Look at tea for relaxation in a cup, and a healing concoction for your body.

Remember White teas have the highest level of antioxidents out of all the teas so if your looking for a great dose look for a white tea blend and if you have a David's Tea or other Tea Shoppe in your area hunt them down and do some shopping.  Also many health food stores carry a wide range of teas and many Organic blends are also on the market now.  If you can get fresh loose tea blends they tend to make the best tea using a ball diffuser or special pot.  I love green tea personally and fruit blends so I will tend to mix the two one for the flavour, and one and health benefits of  just a idea/tip I thought I would throw out.  I actually found a really good blend available most anywhere
by Celestial Seasonings called Acai Mango Zinger it is a herbal blend and consists: Hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, natural flavours including mano, acai berry, licorice, blackberry leaves, and acai berry fruit.  So if you no how beneficial ACAI Berries are and Mango as well and like the tropical teas I would say check it out for yourself.

God Bless and Please Enjoy Your Next Cup Of TEA.
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