Friday, March 11, 2011

Loving the Watermelon and the Benefits

I have always loved Watermelon since I was a young child biting into a crisp sweet chunk of watermelon were some of my favorite memories of summer.  Not saying that you cannot eat it all year round which I tend to do.   I'm grunging on some as I'm writing this piece maybe some inspiration I suppose.  The awesome aspects of watermelon is that with it being 95% water you must consume pounds and pounds of this stuff to equal any massive amount of calories.  I actually remember reading or watching something that you would have to eat 22.5lbs of watermelon to equal 3000 calories or average that would be 4-5 large watermelons even in a melon eating contest I would highly doubt anyone would consume this much.  However the benefits of this wonder fruit is nothing to laugh at this tasty fruit is packed full of antioxidents, betacarotene, awesome source  of vitamins C & A, source of lycopene with its pigmentation, known to help with lowering risk of prostate cancer, macular degenaration, arthritis, colon cancer, heart disease, asthma, and other ailments.   It is also great for detoxing and keeping your bowels well flushed which may in turn be a reason it helps reduce the risks of colon cancer.  This awesome tasty, juicy and health vibrant fruit has so many benefits why not eat it everyday as many people do.  If you want to see how diverse this fruit is totally research it some more or just continue to enjoy this inexpensive and awesome fruit for all of its inherit properties and of course the taste.

God Bless and Go Get Some.
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