Friday, March 11, 2011

My average time at the gym

I like to go to the gym well NOW.  Do not get me wrong only a few months back the gym was the last thing on my mind.  Since I started going more and more I started seeing the results and well it was inspiration for me to keep going.  I started jogging more and more increasing my times each time I went.  I now out jog my wife on the treadmill and she is no where carrying any extra weight.  I usually start off with a light leg stretch becuase I usually go on the treadmill, elliptical machine or strider/step machine first usually for 20-30 minutes on treadmill at 8-10 km/h or the elliptical for 30-60minutes at a resistance of 5 and incline of 6-8, or the Striders they only use resistance and I usually will train 30-60minutes at 4-8 resistance.  After this I will usually do some weight training:  pull-ups, bicep curls, push-ups, ab crunches, tricep workout, and obliques, butterfly chest workout and other upper body routines high reps/low weight.  I usually do not work my legs too much because I'm trying to lose and tone instead of bulking up.  Jogging or using the elliptical/or striders work legs pretty good on there own so doing weights would only add bulk.  Weights usually take another 30 minutes depending on reps, and then I usually end with some yoga and other basic stretching techniques.  In total 60-90 minutes from start to finish some of you may think that is too long but when your resting between reps and making yourself work time flies by.  Remember if your trying to lose weight pushing yourself is the only why your going to see results pussy footing around doing the hard stuff is not going to give you anything.   Remember the age old saying NO PAIN NO GAIN.  Also if you have been out of the physical activity circuit for awhile and are under a physicians supervision/care for other heatlth realted circumstances make sure you a get clearance before starting any new exercise routine. 

P.S. I usually eat heavy fruits/veggies after a workout and always drinking lots of water during my gym time since I sweat a lot when you make your body work thsi si what happens.  Maybe a green juice prior to my workout time or some high sugar fruits like mangos, oranges, grapes, or starwberries or maybe a little of each as an example.

God Bless and Happy Times in your own Journey. 
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