Friday, March 11, 2011

Man I wish spring would get here.

As most of you have read I live in BC and that being Northern BC where for some reason spring is taking its sweet slow time.  Still having all this snow to look at may be a lot of fun for those people who ski, snowmobile or do some other winter sport.   I want to garden and pick berries and all of that fun stuff that comes with warmer climates and no more of this cold white crap.  I'm not meaning to sound bitter but after a few months of this crap you tend to just get sick of it day in day out white everywhere,  slippery road conditions  and gravel being flung at your vehicles windshield.  Just give me the sun all ready increase the temperature and end this winter so I can go hiking and jogging in the forest or even on the road without the possibility of slipping and ending myself in traction for a few months.  Truly I like snowblowing and other aspects of the winter the seasonal changes the beauty in which snow brings and such but in many areas of this fine planet winter is too bloody long.

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