Friday, March 11, 2011

A month and a half mainly RAW.

Well it has been almost a month a half and the weight just keeps coming off.  Not as fast as before though I have alot of muscle mass as well so this brings up the weight.  I'm still eating mainly raw foods sometimes some roasted nuts or canned beans only because I feel my body would benefit from the extra fiber and the protein but only here and there.  I'm usually just eating the fruits and veggies everyday juicing, blending, and just eating like a whole watermelon for dinner.  This gives me the energy I need without a lot of calories and of course the tons of added health benefits.  I started this journey back in Feb. of this year so roughly 1 1/2months weighing in at around 270lbs now weighing in at 232lbs give or take a pound or two.  So needless to say I'm pretty happy with my accomplishments so far and I still have roughly 30lbs to go or more see how it goes I'm 6'1" tall and have a large build so I'm not sure how much I will lose but I'm toning down with exercise lots of cardio and light weight/high rep weight lifting so this is helping to chisle away some fat to show the raw muscle beneath which is quite awesome.  I hope to be down to my desired weight and build by the summer or sooner that would be fine too.  I hope everyone that is living this way or is atleast considering it reads this and sees that you can lose weight and still enjoy some very tasty foods just not the meat, dairy, and processed wheat garbage that has been killing you all these years anyways.

Really whats more important your life or the food you eat?
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