Friday, March 11, 2011

The changes I have noticed since being RAW.

Like I have said in other posts I have had some processed foods once in awhile like canned beans and some roasted nuts or trail mix no chocolate or candies just nuts and dried fruits variety.   I have also had some cheese to see what effects it would have on me after some time all raw and know now that it is not for me.  I have however not eaten any meat since the beginning of February when I started this journey into RAW and weight loss.  I have of course seen it and smelled it since my wife is not doing the raw like myself and needless to say it still makes me feel ill and the stench of processed crap like Hamburger Helper for instance is just revolting it looked like something you would puke up after a hard night of drinking .  I would suggest anyone go RAW for atleast 3 days no cooked foods of any kind and no meats and then walk into a restaurant or even cook something up in your home and you'll start to smell all the junk you've been putting in your body for years just by smelling the air and I would bet that you'd would not want to eat it you'll be like wheres my salad or give me an apple.  That is totally is something that has really changed for me since I have been living this clean life my senses are so much richer then before.  My sense of smell is more acute, my eyes seem to be getting stronger, and my tastes buds crave the good living foods like salad and fruits and veggies especially RAW.  This lifestyle opens way more then your mind and spirit it opens all your senses to a higher realm this is awesome.

God Bless join me and see these changes for your own life.
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