Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chia seeds and other Superfoods

Now if your a Raw Foodist or just a health conscious person you have heard of Chia Seeds or Chia powder.  These tiny seeds that pack a huge amount of fiber, omega 3's, and many other properties like high in antioxidents as well can easily be a replacement for lossed protein in your new raw lifestyle if that is what your looking for.  Chia seeds are quite remarkable and can be used in many recipes from adding to smoothies, or making puddings or tapioca since these tiny seeds absorb any liquid they are placed in and then become gelatinous into these little balls that still have a little crunch to them kids/and adults have a blast popping these little balls in anything you may put them in.  Very neutral in flavour on there own these little balls are also known as dinosaur eggs not the candy folks for those that remember those.  They also really help to detox the body as well they literally will grab onto the crud in your intestines and colon and pull it out of you.  When I first tried these I was a little skeptical but now I'm hooked on this stuff and well once you try them you will be too.  I know alot of people that once they have used the chia seeds and then have a break from using them they feel weighed down and sluggish and as soon as they get back on the chia seeds they have the energy back and they do not feel so weighed down because this stuff really helps to move the crap out of you.  Look at it this way many of us walking around everyday that have consumed garbage over the years can have up to 30lbs of junk caked to our colons and intestinal walls.  Why do you think so many people are jumping to this lifestyle or atleast going through a detox kit.  These super seeds can be a awesome part of a detox routine and also just daily life just 2 spoonfuls is equal to the protein from an egg let alone all the other added benefits.  If you have used these miracle seeds you know what I'm talking about if not I highly recommend you hit your local health food store or buy some online and see for yourself.

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